MotoCam 360 Inc. is a leader in electronic accessories for the extreme sports and action camera markets. We design, manufacture and sell complete helmet camera and in-car camera systems.

Founded in 2003 by Tim Ennis, MotoCam 360 Inc. has become a front-runner in the action camera market.

Our first product, The MotoCam, is a premium rear vision system for motorcycles. The MotoCam consists of an LCD screen mounted on the front of the bike, between the rider's eyes and the road ahead, and an infrared camera located on the tail section of the bike. The MotoCam provides the rider with three lanes of traffic at all times of the day to reduce a rider's blind spots by 98%. The antivibration mounting system allows for extreme ease of use and prevents theft by making the product mobile.

Featured in industry leading magazines such as Motorcylist and American Iron Magazine, MotoCam 360 quickly garnered praise from the motorcycle industry.

Since the release of the original MotoCam we have been hard at work developing innovative systems for the action camera market. Our latest camera systems are better than ever and incorporate years of knowledge, experience, and cutting edge technology.